9 Interesting Facts About Physiotherapy


1. Benefits individuals with chronic issues such as: diabetes, cancer, muscle sprains and strains, sports-related injuries, pain, arthritis, and respiratory problems.

2. Helps prepare the body for surgery and helps the body to recover from surgery.

3. Is a drug-free treatment option. Physiotherapists use drug-free, exercise-based remedies to treat.

4. Does not require a referral from a doctor or surgeon.

5. Can help someone feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.

6. Is not just for those in pain or with health issues. It can help prevent future illness.

7. Practitioners are highly trained individuals (Degree and MSc) and are required to be registered with HCPC – Health Care Professional Council. Physiotherapists need to have an in-depth knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system. That’s up to 840 muscles, between 206 & 270 bones, 220 nerves, and much more.

8. Practitioners are primary care health providers and work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals such as surgeons and GPs.

9. Is a life saver. It can restore quality of life and mental, physical, emotional and social function.

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